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User ID Vista roaming profile corruption issues

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  • User ID Vista roaming profile corruption issues


    Difficult issue if there is anyone out there that can solve?

    We are looking for a solution to find why user ID roaming profiles are always corrupting for different users. Simply refreshing user ID roaming profiles via attached script is a temporary fix and doesnt answer why the user ID's corrupt in the first place

    Background points

    We have a large user base 6000+ and seperated user personal SAN storage space F drive from their roaming profile within a Vista client environment. Basically getting a range of issues whereby user IDs become corrupt with a number of bespoke applications. There are hundreds of requests to refresh a user ID via their roaming profile as per the attached script.

    There are currently two AD groups in place regarding roaming profiles. (Not sure what these groups do exactly?)

    Vista users roaming group to remove users app data folder re-direction

    Vista profile group to assign users to new profiles location

    An additional AD group which deals with users personal F drive SAN space documents

    Vista users F drive group

    There are two folders associated with user IDs. Roaming, and Roaming.V2

    I cant understand why user ID profiles are corrupting. The best solution the top cheifs have come up with is to refresh the roaming profile via the attached script. But this doesnt solve why these profiles corrupt in the first place?

    Any ideas as to why these profiles corrupt and a solution would be very much appreciated

    Many Thanks
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