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Need to Copy a folder to c$

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  • Need to Copy a folder to c$

    I have a folder that has a service in it that needs to run on multiple Servers. I need to copy this folder and all its contents to the c$ share of all my servers. I know how to copy files, but not the whole folder in one move. Can someone help me?

    FOR /F %%i in ServersList.txt do copy myfile.txt \\%%i\c$

    Thats why i use for file copy....

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    Re: Need to Copy a folder to c$

    Why not simply add a line for making a folder name on the destination server, then bulk copy the files to that folder? The command is 'md' (for make directory). Make your 'For' statement a multi-line command.

    Or use 'xcopy' instead, it gives you subfolder & file options as well.
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      Re: Need to Copy a folder to c$

      FOR /F "usebackq tokens=*" %%i in ("ServersList.txt") do (
      MKDir "\\%%i\C$\service" & Copy "C:\service\*" "\\%%i\C$\service\"

      or simply,
      XCopy /E "C:\service\*" "\\%%i\C$\service\"

      Or better, use microsoft's robocopy.exe


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