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vbs file list to html with filter from multiple folder

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  • vbs file list to html with filter from multiple folder

    I am new to scripting and I need a help.
    I have a big chunk of files in 3 different servers and they are mapped as local drives.
    The file names are structured.
    The first folder has the input files coming from other servers; they are processed and moved to subfolders manually.
    Finally they are output to the 2nd and 3rd folders and other people process them and move them to the subfolders.
    I want an html page to show 3 tabs for 3 folders and list all the files in tables with the time of creation with time sorting and name filtering box. By filtering I mean that a part of the file name from the pulldown and it should show only those files.
    With my very limited knowledge in scripting I gathered so far that a vbs can list the file and output to html, to make the page refresh every minute the script can be scheduled to run every minute.
    Please let me know if I need to elaborate with the folder/subfolder and file name structure or the filtering thing.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a ton in advance.