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how to overcome WMIC error "Support - Alias not found"

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  • how to overcome WMIC error "Support - Alias not found"

    I continue to get this error and was wondering if anyone had any idea why? All the threads in here seem to have been closed without an answer. I have confirmed local user authentication as well as DCOM property settings though I do get DCOM errors in the event viewer saying that the local user doesn't have permission to run an application (not sure which though).

    Event ID 10016

    When I try the WMIC script this is what I get...
    C:\Users\TechSupport>wmic /user:Tech Support /password:Password /node: systemenclosure get serialnumber
    Support - Alias not found.

    It is a Windows XP pro device in a windows workgroup.

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    Re: how to overcome WMIC error "Support - Alias not found"

    the error,
    Support - Alias not found.
    The Alias in your command is 'SystemEnclosure', and not 'Support'. 'Support' is part of the user name. Obviously there is a confusion with the parameters. Note that the user name contains a space.

    try using quotes around the name and password strings:
    wmic /user:"Tech Support" /password:"*****" /node: SystemEnclosure get serialnumber

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