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How to Map drives according to Computer name

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  • How to Map drives according to Computer name

    Hi all
    I am glad to join this forum because it helped me a lot.
    Could someone give me some help on this one:

    I want to map a drive for a specific group of users when they login into a specific group of PC's (all start with the same name). I already have a VBScript that connects simple map drives but I want to add this new feature.
    Can someone help me on this one.


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    The following scriptlet will give you the computer name you are logging from:
    Set objAdsSystemInfo =	CreateObject("adsysteminfo")
    Set objComputerName =	Getobject("LDAP://" & objAdsSystemInfo.ComputerName)
    strHostName = UCase(replace(objComputerName.Name,"CN=",""))
    WScript.Echo "MY HOST NAME IS: " & strHostName
    After having a computer name, there should not be a problem to figure out what group it should belong to and run a "Select Case" block to do the actual mapping.
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      so first you want to check what the computername is?

      second, you want to check what the username/group is?

      and if both are true then you want to map the drives?

      am i right?
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        Yes that's correct, that's what I am trying to do.

        Thanks a lot Guys

        Ps. Sorry for the late reply