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Send an email notification when a process starts

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  • Send an email notification when a process starts

    Hi! First off, i want to thank you in advance for any help.

    We have a computer in another room that runs a large scanner (for film and such). They set the thing up to run over the weekend, but if an error is encountered (i.e. the film is jammed, or some such) the scanning software will pop up a window and pause the scan.

    What I want to do, is write a simple batch script so that whenever one of those windows pops up, a simple email is sent to the operator so they know to go in and check it.

    I already got a program that will allow me to click on a window and tell me the specific process that is running it, so I got that pinpointed. I originally got a script that would send emails if a certain event id# was logged (in this case an application hang), but not everything we need to be notified about is entered into the event log.

    Thanks again for the Help!

    p.s. if you guys could point in a good online resource to teach myself batch code writing i think it will be very helpful to me.

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    Re: Send an email notification when a process starts

    Is there a certain process started (in taskmanager) when the scanning software pops up a window? You could use a vbs script, it can monitor processes, files, events and set a trigger.

    What is the OS on the computer.
    Is there a SMTP server present on the network?


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      Re: Send an email notification when a process starts

      I'm hoping so. I cant force it to pop up though, so right now Im just waiting for when it does so I can determine exactly what it is. The program I am using is called "Process Explorer". It has a cross-hair icon you click on and then when you click on a window it highlights it in its process tree.

      The computer is running windows XP, and yes we do have a smtp server on the network.

      Any suggestion that works would be welcomed.


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        Re: Send an email notification when a process starts

        ok, so after two errors and some examination, the program doesn't create a separate process that I can target.

        What i want to do now is just send out an email whenever the scaning process stops using the cpu for say 1 minute. I suppose the best way would be to check the processes periodically like every hour or so, and then if its found to be idle, send an email?
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