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MSI Packaging Enbironment Setup

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  • MSI Packaging Enbironment Setup


    Brief over:

    I've been tinkering around with packaging off and on over the last couple of years for one off projects. However I've now been given a project that needs to repackage or configure excisting packages for 160 pieces of Technical software within our business. Obiovusly theres some filtering to do on this list to get whats must have, and whats desirable but... in prep for this project I need to setup an environment to complete this.

    What would you guys have set up before you start?

    A little overview of the infrastructure:

    AD 2000/2003 domain (so packages must be MSI atm and not App-V)
    Desktops primarily XP, but with Windows 7 testing needed
    VMware in our DC so possible Virtual Machines setup etc there?
    100 Mb Links to all offices

    Packaging Software: currently have Wise Packaging Studio Standard, but impending upgrade should I deem it worthy to AdminStudio Standard (next on my list) plus free software like SuperOrca and InstEdit