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script to remove profile folders

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  • script to remove profile folders

    i'm not sure whats the best to go about it.

    what i want to do is create a script to delete profile folders that are roamed on to client pc's but sometimes doesn't delete it self off (i have implemented the gpo that removes folder on log out, but it sometimes does not remove it).

    so what i want to do is essentially, when user logs in, it deletes all profiles except for: current user, administrator, default users, all users profiles.

    is it possible to do this with batch scripting or something beyond the capabilities?

    has anyone ever come across such a script or know where I can go to find out more info?


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    Re: script to remove profile folders

    nvm, i found a utility that will do the job.

    delprof from the ms resource kit. its quite useful. i'm gonna script it up and run as a scheduled task on a server to hit all my clients.

    quite good actually, you can set it to delete only roaming cached profiles and won't delete current logged on user.