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run install Windows update remotely

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  • run install Windows update remotely

    I am working on IE11 installation over IE10.
    There are machines that show Error. It is "easy" fixable if click on Install in Windows update GUI.
    The question:
    how I can execute "Install" of this downloaded update remotely.

    wuauclt? through little ps?
    the target machines are Windows 7.
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    If you're rolling out IE11 thru Windows Update already and that install is showing errors on clients, fix those errors first. The easiest way to install anything thru Windows Update is to set local or group policies (workgroup or domain, respectively) on the machines to look for and install updates regularly, esp. if you have your own WSUS server where you can pick & choose what to install. If you manually want to invoke a client's update cycle, regardless of where the updates come from, that requires a script. Have a look at this link, it's a complete powershell module to do just what you want:

    I use something similar in my customer's system, set up as a scheduled task on my servers. Updates are installed by a scheduled task so I can set the sequence, etc., to minimize outages.
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