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find IE version on LAN's computers

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  • find IE version on LAN's computers

    Hel​Io I need to find Internet Explorer version on LAN's machines.

    I found a script on ​
    1. it says not tested on 64bit machines - I CAN TEST IT
    2. it uses Computer.csv for targeted computer name.

    Is there a way to use a wild card instead of computer names list. Let say all machines on the network have a name started by ccc22xxxx
    Any other script?
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    The script needs to know which machines to connect to so probably not applicable.

    If it were me i would do the following

    1. Search AD for a list of the relevant computers, they're in specific OU's aren't they?
    2. Pipe that information into an array.
    3. Cycle through the array with the script and get the data.