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  • Robocopy

    I would like to use Robocopy to copy a workstation’s current user profile to a folder on the server. I need to do this for about 15 workstations and want each profile put in a folder named with the source computer name into a folder called profiles on the destination server. I don't mind having to visit each workstation, but I don't really want to have to type in the command each time, so I would like to but the command into a batch file if possible,

    I can do simple copying with Robocopy, but this is beyond my skill level. I would be most grateful for the Robocopy command for this.


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    Have you tried anything at all?

    Should simply be a case of


    There are however many switches, see link above, that can be utilised.
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      Is this for the purposes of creating roaming profiles for the users? If so, you don't have to manually copy the local profiles to the server. Just create your network share, configure the Share and NTFS permissions appropriately and configure your GPO for the roaming profiles. Windows will copy the local profiles to the network share automatically.


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        joeqwerty - yes, that is the purpose - I was worried about losing the existing profiles as I am installing a new server and the creating roaming profiles where there weren't any before. I thought the logon to the new server would create a new profile.


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          The first time a user logs on and off after you configure roaming profiles their local profile is copied to the server. That's how the roaming profile gets created.


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            That's great. Thanks for the advice.