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FTP upload - folders+subfolders

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  • FTP upload - folders+subfolders

    Hi all,
    we have big amount of log files (few KB text files), which have to be periodically uploaded (moved) to ftp server.
    Problem is, that they are inside of folders and sub-folders. Programs like FileZilla, have no problem with the job, but are missing scheduler function.

    I tried two ways:
    1) cron as scheduler and wput as ftp client and simple batch to run the job once per every 2 hours, but both utilities, so close-to-perfect under linux have bugs under Windows (files are on W2K3 server). Mostly creating folders tree on ftp server and deleting all empty ones on source one is "unstable".

    2) Mapping ftp destination as network drive (FTP Drive) and run robocopy batch. Mostly do the job, but also not exactly bug-free and have to be checked manually periodically.

    Can you suggest please some , preferable script solution for moving folders, sub-folders and files to ftp server ?
    Or, if you know small simple utility for this job...

    10x for help

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    Re: FTP upload - folders+subfolders

    Have a look at Cute FTP. I use this and its up to the job for me.


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      Re: FTP upload - folders+subfolders

      Thanks, I've checked it out. It needs some fiddling with macros to do the job exactly and it is not free , but if I'll not find any other solution....

      thanks again


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        Re: FTP upload - folders+subfolders

        I've have never used it myself, but I know that you can copy whole directory trees with the free command line tool 'NcFTPPut for Windows'.


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          Re: FTP upload - folders+subfolders

          Use Winzip Professional. It's capable of doing ftp and scheduling task.

          Before using Winzip I was uploading data of 594,720 kb using FTP command line and it would take hours to complete. Then I tried Winzp, it would zip the file first then ftp to the destination folder and would take little over 10 minutes to complete.

          I would highly recommend using it. Of course it's not free, but well worth it.


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            Re: FTP upload - folders+subfolders

            I guess the easiest way is to use commercial a program. A scripting solution is possible with, of course, Powershell.

            You could include a C# class in your script and use .Net WebClient, as per MSDN instructions. Somewhat easier a way is to use username and password in FTP URL, like this PS-only example does. Doing that for large amount of files is likely to be dog slow, so I'd still go with something else.

            How about rsync?

            Could you just zip up the whole directory tree with all the files and just FTP that onto the target system?



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              Re: FTP upload - folders+subfolders

              Thanks for ideas, round and round the main problem was folders tree and moving (deleting source file and folder after successful upload).
              I solve it by removing completely sub-folders (bit of fiddling with log files names, to avoid duplicates) and even it is slow, script and scheduler are doing there job perfectly.

              Thanks, all of you