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SharePoint WSS 3.0 and downloading files

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  • SharePoint WSS 3.0 and downloading files

    We have a sharepoint server (WSS 3.0) that we are looking to script an extraction on a portion of the site.

    The request is that they have a site that that can have multiple sub-folders. The file will then be extracted to a single folder.

    I have done some digging and have found the following example that would extract files to a single folder: (they are a bit crude but looks like they will work)

    XCOPY "\sharepointsvr\Dept\Library\".DOC C:\TMP /S /Y XCOPY "\sharepointsvr\Dept\Library\".DOCX C:\TMP /S /Y

    for /R "\sharepointsvr\Dept\Library\" %i IN (*.DOC) DO xcopy %i C:\TMP /M

    I am looking at running this as a scheduled tasks form the server using a command script. The above script would dump the files and subfolders into a single (and that is what they would prefer)

    My questions are the following

    Is there a way to tell if a files is checked out from a command prompt?
    If this can be scripted can I work this into the ablove scripts to only pull out the files that are are 'checked in' to Sharepoint?

    If not is there a better way to achieve this file export for 'checked in files'?

    thanks for any thoughts..

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    Re: SharePoint WSS 3.0 and downloading files

    try robocopy - it may work better for your needs than xcopy..

    as to whether or not you can tell from the cmd line if something is checked out, i'm not sure to be honest..
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      Re: SharePoint WSS 3.0 and downloading files

      thanks tehcamel,

      I will check in to Robocopy. It sounds like it might be a bit cleaner to use.

      Thanks for answering about the check-in status. As it does not sound like there are very many people trying this.