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VB Sendkeys and Remote Desktop

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  • VB Sendkeys and Remote Desktop

    i've written an vbscript that uses send keys to automate an custom written application that isn't automatable otherwise. its working great except for one thing. i want to run the script and the program from remote desktop which works fine except when i minimize or close remote desktop the script stops sending keys. I'm guessing its b/c when i do that the application looses focus but i'm not sure. this applcation takes quite a while to run and what i want to do is start the automation process. minimize or close remote desktop so that i can do other things on my pc. but as soon as i do that the script stops sending keys. i know i could use two pcs at my desk but corp doesn't like it so i can't do that. any ideas how to get this to work?
    MCSE 2000\2003, A+

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    Re: VB Sendkeys and Remote Desktop

    I don't think you'll be able to minimize the program and get sendkeys to work without some real fancy and intense coding.

    I would say, the best is to either:
    1) just let the script finish before doing something else
    2) find an alternative to using sendkeys
    3) add this situation to the list of valid reasons why you need either a second computer or something like VMWare.

    Or is there some really "secret" and "unpublished" code out there which will resolve this sendkeys issue?