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Custom Toolbar via Script?

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  • Custom Toolbar via Script?

    I am in the process of switching my Workstations to Win7 and Servers to 2008R2 and experimenting with a little bit more GPO's and scripts for Deskto customization.
    I really would like a custom toolbar next to the clock that is essentially a link to a folder on the network home drive, where users can put links to Applications, Folders, Files...
    Here's a screenshot from what it should look like:

    It can always Point to H:\Desktop\progs or something like that...

    I found a regkey which seems to store this information, but I couln't figure out a way to port it via script or GPO..

    thanks for your help

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    Re: Custom Toolbar via Script?

    Come on.. is there really no way for my Toolbar?

    greetings, Tobias


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      Re: Custom Toolbar via Script?

      Thread bumping is bad, mkay?

      Anyway, What you want is easy to do with some C#. Scripting with Powershell might work too, but this is the fast way out - at least for me.

      First, create a NotifyIcon object and add click event handler.
      notifyIcon = new NotifyIcon();
      notifyIcon.MouseClick += menuExploreClick;
      notifyIcon.Icon = new Icon(@"c:\temp\myFolderIcon.ico");
      Here is the event handler for launcing Explorer. You might want to add an exit handler too.
      private void menuExploreClick(object sender, EventArgs e) {
        MouseEventArgs ea = e as MouseEventArgs;
        if(ea != null && MouseButtons.Left == ea.Button) {
          Process.Start(@"c:\windows\explorer.exe", @"c:\temp");
      The simplest way to create such an application is to use SharpDevelop (yay for free software), which contains a template for systray application. Visual Studio works well too, but it costs money.

      A full program is too big (20 000 chars) to be posted here. In addition, the forum software goes south with all the square brackets in C# code too