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Batch file or VBS to turn off services

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  • Batch file or VBS to turn off services

    I do an automated cleaning for customers
    One is a VBS that changes some settings
    The other is a file full of registry changes
    The last is a batch file that turns off useless services then disables them. It doesn't work that well sometimes.

    Does anyone have a better solution to turning off services in a script or something?

    I have changed the batch file simply to set the service at disabled to it doesn't wait to stop the service. It seems to work, but I'm wondering if I'm doing it the hard way.

    Does anyone have a script for turning off all startup items? (except the AV)
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    Re: Batch file or VBS to turn off services

    You should have posted your question in the "scripting" section of the forum. You'll probably find the answers there.