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VBS file monitor and email alert

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  • VBS file monitor and email alert

    Hello. I saw some posts article, and i believe that someone here can help me. I have a serial temperature sensor built by me. I have a free software found on the internet in VB that monitor and make a log into C:/, it is a .txt file. The lines into this log files are like this.
    10-21-2009 20:33:28 --.-C 0.0C
    10-21-2009 20:33:29 --.-C 0.0C
    10-21-2009 20:33:30 --.-C 0.0C
    10-21-2009 20:33:31 --.-C 0.0C
    I need to create a script that will work in background and will check in this file for modification. I mean when the temperature is below 20 C or above 50 C to send 2 emails. Bogdan

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    Re: VBS file monitor and email alert

    Could you give more information?

    Paste the real file output in here.
    I need some examples of real temperatures (not 0).

    Is there a cap on how many entries will be in the file?
    IE: Does the txt file get deleted and started over each day?

    Also, How often do you want this to run? (Every second, once a minute, etc)

    Keep in mind the more often you run the script the more resources it can use.

    I'm curious.. is this a server or workstation?



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      Re: VBS file monitor and email alert

      As a side note reporting the temp change every SECOND may be overkill. Where will this sensor be located?
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