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Scripting application installs

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  • Scripting application installs

    I am looking for examples of creating scripts or batchfiles that would allow me to run an install script in an "Elevated Privilege" mode. The users are domain users without local rights. When asking for installing applications, I would like to automate this process so we do not have to run around with CDs. Has anyone played with this and had success? any examples would be appreciated.

    I hope I explained that correctly. My users cannot install apps. When needed I would like to save the apps to a drive and have a batch file that I can run, without having to login as ADMINISTRATOR and it will run the application install. Hopefully in a preconfigured installation setup mode.


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    The standard runas command with Windows XP does not allow you to automate the password.

    So try something like this

    You can then run setup.exe (or whatever your install package is called) under local admin.

    It's also best not to leave the password in a simple batch file, so you could either use VBS and encrypt the password or what I do is convert the batch file to an EXE so they can't read it ( )


    P.S. Automating the actuial install all depends on what your are installing and if the install routine has a silent install option.
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      Topper, Thanks a millions, I read a lot of your replies and get a lot of insight.. You really have a great depth of experience and knowledge. I do thank you for sharing. I am a firm believer is trying to get most to all of the simple to timely items automated as best as possible. I have done this with most of the things, but installs have been a pain in the frequency of updates that much of our cad design and engineering design applications that we use. I will experiement with these tools and advise.

      Thanks again for taking the time...