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Visual Basics 6.0 Profesional

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  • Visual Basics 6.0 Profesional


    at are college we are using VB6.0 but i would like the trial to see if it would work at home and maybe purchase it if it runs well.

    Is there anywhere i could get it from ?


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    Re: Visual Basics 6.0 Profesional

    If you have access to MSDN, maybe. Otherwise probably not - that version is rather antiquated. Any particular reason why your course is based around that version rather than .Net?

    Anyway, given how cheap it is you might as well just buy a copy of Visual Studio 6 from Ebay. It works fine on 98/2000/XP, not tried it on Vista or 7. Worst case scenario, run it in a VM if you have a spare XP licence.
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