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How do I query and import data in a textbox into a datagridview VB VS 08

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  • How do I query and import data in a textbox into a datagridview VB VS 08


    I am working on a really cool project that is going to eliminate some serious time for co-workers in another department. I am pretty new at writing visual basic and using visual studio.. I do have some training though. Anyway... I am very knowledgable in SQL.

    I have created a complex stored procedure that has 8 parameters and returns one fill object. The stored procedure is passed into the form and I have set up the parameters to the datagrid to populate the fill variable. That works great.
    The next step I can't figure out for the life of me... I have a button that opens a 3rd form (as the second form I used inheritance from form 1 for protection)
    that then is a textbox that has a focus set on it so I can use a scanner to enter in data. Basically what I need to do is figure out is how to code when the last character has been entered.. then search the whole datagrid to see if it is in the list. If it is.. then I need to populate a field next to the matching character.


    Column 1 Column 2

    23986W MATCH!

    Not only do need to do that.. but I also need to have two different sounds for when it is a match and when it is not. I understand the beep() method.. its just pretty boring..

    I really need some serious assistance with figuring out how to get the textbox to seach and populate the datagrid..

    Thanks so much in advance!!!