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ifmember login script

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  • ifmember login script

    I will start by saying sorry if this has already been asked but i did search and was unable to find anything.

    I am creating an ifmember login script simply to try and make managing our logins easier and more stress free.

    One of the drives we use is G: and this is a department drive for example

    ifmember "STSUK\Administrators" || net use G: \\SMARTSERVE\Groups\Information Technology

    however there are certain people who are memebers of multiple groups due to the nature of their job so how would i get round this because for these people the login script would potentially work out they are members of 3 different groups and they try and connect them to 3 different folders all on the same drive G:

    Ben Ward

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    Re: ifmember login script

    Create three groups for the express purpose of mapping the correct drives in your logon script and populate the groups with the appropriate members. Use these groups in your ifmember statements.


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      Re: ifmember login script

      Simple but yet effective,