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batch animation (was:Batch file problem thing)

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  • batch animation (was:Batch file problem thing)

    hey please help me asap
    this is a really short thing I put off my batch animation but, from here
    it goes wrong!

    @echo off
     echo             ________________              _____________    
     echo <(^_^)> l hey you             l               l     yes??          l   <(-_-)>   
     echo    _/ \_ <l______________l              l____________l > _/   \_
     echo    _\ /_                                                                             _\   /_
     pause >nul

    well, from here it just shuts down without doing anything anymore, all my previous animation is going, but when it finnaly reaches the real story it just shuts down :S how come?? please help me asap

    btw, I coudlnt place the parts of the bodys on the right places, becuz if I put them on the right places they just randomly spread out in here, so.. dont worry
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    Re: Batch file problem thing

    Batch uses lt and gt characters < > for IO redirection. Use the caret ^ to escape redirection. That is:

    echo ^<---^>
    instead of
    echo <--->



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      Re: batch animation (was:Batch file problem thing)

      ufh and other problem,, yesterday was this: ping localhost -n 1>nul
      the perfect speed of the words to wright
      but now, it goes MUCH faster suddenly and I didnt change anything to the code!
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        Re: batch animation (was:Batch file problem thing)

        Since when does God need help writing scripts? And what heavenly purpose does cheesy ASCII animation serve? Just sayin'.
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