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Logon scripts will not work.

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  • Logon scripts will not work.

    I have a new enviroment, what do i need to do first in order to get these scripts to work. I've tried all the scripts listed here and can't get any of them to work. It won't map any drives, and i've changed the server names to match my server. I created a GPO to handle the login script, and pasted the scripts into a txt doc and made it a .bat file.

    Do i need to use a different method?


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    Re: Logon scripts will not work.

    Which scripts are you referring to? Is it possible that you could post the code to at least one of the scripts you are trying to use - it would help greatly in the diagnosis.

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      Re: Logon scripts will not work.

      Did you take VB code and paste it into a .BAT file?
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