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javascript and proxy.pac/wpad.dat

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  • javascript and proxy.pac/wpad.dat

    Hi there.

    I'm working on a solution at the moment for our Squid proxy.
    Boss wants it to authenticate users, so it's authenticating on AD, and we're using an autoconfigure script. That's fantastic.

    However - what I want to do is modify the proxy.pac/wpad.dat/call-it-what-you-will so that instead of using the isInNet( myIpAddress() function, it can do it based on hostname, or portion of hostname.

    I also have a (shExpMatch(url, "http://**")) { return "DIRECT"; }
    entry, so I was wondering if/how I could do

    if (isInNet(myHostname(shExpMatch(PREF*) { return proxy; }

    Basically - all our machines have the same 3 letter prefix..

    Am I making sense, is what I'm thinking even possible ?
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