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Archiving mail to incoming and outgoing addresses

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  • Archiving mail to incoming and outgoing addresses

    'Exchange 2000/2003 : Copy Incoming and Outgoing mail to an address with' exceptions/exclusions
    'Hans van der Pluijm, [email protected]
    'February 13, 2009
    ' Summary
    ' =======
    ' This package contains the necessary files to allow an Exchange Administrator to forward incoming and outgoing mailmessages to one or more mailboxes.
    ' By design this procedure copies outgoing messages to address [email protected] and incoming messages are copied to [email protected]. Both sender and recipient are unaware of this feature. Routed addresses are invisible.
    ' [email protected] and [email protected] can be an internal mailbox, external mailbox or a mailenabled public folder.
    ' Warranty
    ' ========
    ' No warranty, express or implied, is provided. This code is provided "as is". It works for me, it may or may not work for you.
    ' Install
    ' =======
    ' Create a directory on the Exchange server where the package is to be installed. It should be the Exchange server which receives incoming Internet email and sends it via SMTP. The script files included with this package presume that the directory will be C:\ExchangeScripts.
    ' If you do not install the files into C:\ExchangeScripts, you will need to edit the file RouteMail.CMD to specify the full path to the script file and edit nn_RouteEmail.vbs to adjust the logfile setting.
    ' The file nn_RouteEmail.vbs MUST be edited to define appropriate constants for MailDomain and the exclusions.
    ' Once the nn_RouteEmail.vbs file is edited and saved, execute the "RouteEmail.CMD" batch file to register the script with your Exchange server. That's all it takes.
    ' To remove the script, execute the "RemoveRouteEmail.CMD" batch file to un-register the script.
    ' For now, nn_ represents the Customername it is used for. See ToDo.
    ' All needed files are provided (enum.cmd, nn_RouteEmail.vbs, Readme.txt, RemoveRouteEmail.cmd, RouteEmail.cmd, smtpreg.vbs)
    ' Discussion
    ' ==========
    ' Normaly there is a default mechanism to reroute ALL mail, processed thru SMTP, to an internal mailbox. Explicitely ALL is mentioned. There is no way to determine what users do and what don't reroute. Its is also impossible to use different mailaddresses for both incoming and outgoing mail. With this procedure however this is now possible.
    ' ToDo
    ' ====
    ' The procedure is yet non-generic. Generic routines should be developed. Now every customer has to have a taylored version (nn_)
    ' Domainname via an INI file (or something like that)
    ' Exclusionlist Outgoing in a seperate file
    ' Exclusionlist Incoming in a seperate file
    ' Independacy of driveletter / folder
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    Re: Archiving mail to incoming and outgoing addresses

    I rather would see it posted within code tags then adding an attachment.
    Also I would rather see to you post links to the sources which isn't your own code.

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