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  • VPN setup ini file config


    TIA on helping me solve this issue we are having.

    We have a batch file that installs our VPN software on user login for the relevant people who need access to this software. The Problem is, in the .ini file we have to specify the different Domain realms for the users to login. We have 30+ sub domains (dont ask) and I was wondering if there is any way to automatically have the domain automatically entered during the initial installation. I tried entering &USERDOMAIN% as the realm but this just uses this as the domain (although when in the software you click browse for domain it autoresolves from this).

    Below is the connection part of the .ini file the software loads. I'm not sure if this is even possible but any direction would be warmly appreciated.

    [Connectoid 1]
    ConnectionName=VPN Services
    UserRealm=%USERDOMAIN% // used to be XYZ

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    Re: VPN setup ini file config

    If I had to do that I'd create different INI files for each subdomain and then install the software through Group Policy (and opt to automatically uninstall the software when it falls out of the scope of management). That way, if a machine moves from one subdomain to another, the software is automatically updated.
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      Re: VPN setup ini file config

      You could try to create a new ini file by the same batch that installs the VPN sw.

      @echo off
      Set "newINIfile=path.\VPN.ini"
      >"%newINIfile%" (
        echo/[Connectoid 1]
        echo/ConnectionName=VPN Services
        echo/UserRealm=%USERDOMAIN% // used to be XYZ
      IF NOT exist "%newINIfile%" goto:EOF
      :: install sw
      of course, the ini-file should have change permissions configured for the user or (computer if it is a startup script). You can't use one ini-file that is on a share, unless you create a unique name like %Username%_vpn.ini or %Computername%_vpn.ini on that share.
      I think it is better to choose the local %temp% folder to store the installation ini-file
      Set "newINIfile=%temp%.\VPN.ini"
      Provide the path to the ini-file ( "%newINIfile%" ) as parameter on the setup command line, if possible.

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        Re: VPN setup ini file config

        Why aren't you deploying your VPN connections via Connection Manager Administrator Kit (CMAK)
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