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can't mass delete user profiles one time only

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  • can't mass delete user profiles one time only

    I am new to the forum and I have done a search on this issue but can't quite find what I need, though there seem to be MANY similar issues that have been dealt with.

    I am dealing with a school using roaming profiles (administered by the district) on computers running Windows XP. I inherited a messy tech environment b/c the last tech guy did not run the district-provided lockdown software, which, in this case, supposedly would have prevented this problem in the first place by cleaning all locally created user profiles every day. Additionally, I am an amateur and have limited tech/networking experience.

    As far as I can see, many of the scripts that others have suggested are designed to delete profile FOLDERS.

    If I try to go in through C://Documents and Settings and manually delete folders I receive all kinds of error messages about NTUSER files being in use and files not able to be deleted, etc. Under User Profiles>Settings , and this is essentially the problem, profiles can only be deleted ONE by ONE and on shared computers that are low on disk space b/c of over 300 profiles clogging up the hard drive, this takes forever.

    I have also, based on searching the forum, tried to use the delprof cmd from the command line (went to Run, typed cmd, then typed delprof /q /i /d:1 to delete folders more than 1 day old) but got an error that this is not a valid command???? I also went to the MS site and tried to download delprof.exe (though unsure the difference, but thinking maybe it was a GUI vs. cmd prompt??) and got an error that it couldn't be downloaded. I hope this wasn't a virus!

    So i'm stuck. I realize the lockdown software could have prevented this but I'm at a complete loss for where to go from here and soon almost all of our computers will be completely out of disk space b/c of all thes 300+ roaming profiles. Once I get the computers cleaned up, I can install Deep Freeze so i don't need a logoff cleaner script, but please if anyone has any suggestions for a script that I might run (and how to run it) or another solution to one time mass delete all thes profiles, I would be extremely grateful.

    posts I found with similar problems include:

    except the solution gave was a script to delete the user folders and as stated above that doesn't work when i do it manually, so i dont' see how it will work as a script (cannot remove files, etc.).

    also, i would like to be able to do it manually at first so i can test it out on individual machines. thanks!

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    Re: can't mass delete user profiles one time only

    I was able to download delprof.exe just fine from this link.
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