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Scripting some Public Folder Commands

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  • Scripting some Public Folder Commands

    Hi all, i posted this message over in the Exchange area but no one was able to help. hopefully someone over here will be able to assist me.

    Hi everyone,
    I need some help with creating a powershell script. I don't know if i should post my request here, or over in the scripting area. Since it is for Exchange, i will start here and see what happens.

    We are in the final stages of migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. Using utilities from Microsoft, we are syncing the data between the two Exchange servers (They are in different AD forests). Now that we have finished the user migrations, we need to setup the public folders to actually accept mail from the outside world so we can change our MX record, and get off this Exchange 2003 server. I have a list of all the existing public folders on the Exchange 2003 server, and their associated email addresses. All of these folders also exist on the Exchange 2007 server. I have also found the commands that i need to run to mail enable the public folders, hide them from the address book, remove the default email address policy, and add the new email address that is needed for each folder.

    My question, how do i get all of these scripts to read the information from a text file or other file so i don't have to create 400 scripts, three times.

    Here are the commands that i would be using. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Enable-MailPublicFolder -Identity "\Legal\Pending" -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $True
    Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity "\Legal\Pending" -EmailAddressEnabled $False
    Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity "\Legal" -PrimarySmtpAddress [email protected]

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    Re: Scripting some Public Folder Commands

    You double post in a different Forum because you can't get FREE help for YOUR problem after posting it 22 hours earlier. After 58 posts here you should know better.

    If you want instant help then you will need to pay good money for it otherwise you can wait until someone with the appropriate skills has the time free from the job that earns them and their family a living can answer it.

    You double posting fate shall be left up to the Forum Moderators.
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      Re: Scripting some Public Folder Commands

      I wasn't thinking that at all. I thought about it overnight and thought that this would probably be a better place for the message. I wasn't trying to say "Come on people, i said Help me." I was simply posting my question where i thought people with a specific skill set would see it.

      I truly value and love these forums, I lurk in many of them on a regular basis to expand my knowledge. I also assist in moderating a couple of other forums. That is why i put the disclaimer at the top of the post that it was a duplicate posting.

      I am sorry for doing this. I hope the moderators will understand my thoughts on this matter.



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        Re: Scripting some Public Folder Commands

        apperrault, I can understand your thoughts, but you already did posted the question in the Exchange 2007 forum, which is also a very suitable forum for the topic of your question. Please understand rule# 2.

        Needless to say but, Users cannot create an exeption to any of the forum rules for themselves just by adding 'a disclaimer' to their posts.

        This thread is closed.

        The other one stays open in the Exchange 2007 forum
        where Exchange Powershell is most useful and likely to get other people who have done something similar.


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