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  • Print to E-mail script

    I have found alot of nice scripts at and hopefull someone can help me with the next one wich i can not find.

    I am looking for a script or a good way to print documents to an variable e-mail adress. The situation wich i am in is that alot of people are connecting to a Terminal Server enviroment and only can work with one application to check on someting and view some logs.

    The case now is that all the people who are connecting some of them would like to save the log. Not a big problem if you use a FTP server wich first they must save a file for an example to a PDF format and than connect to the FTP to download.

    What would be nice is that those people could print the log file to a printer or something like that and get a question wich they can fill in there e-mail adress.

    Some people would say why setting up Outlook Express on the Terminal Server?
    People must be restricted as much as possible and there are some risks about using Outlook Express as an additional program on there desktop.

    My question is if someone could help me or put me in the right direction to make a script or to setup something to make this possible?