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Remotely Check if User/password are ok

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  • Remotely Check if User/password are ok

    Hi all

    I felt on a problem :
    I have to check user/password before being able to change to a new password
    The problem, is that those computer/server are stand-alone, and completely independant of the domain

    The objective, is to automate the process, through scripting, but when i try to check user/password through the Getobject("winnt://xxx/user") an error araise

    my script so far :

    oUser = GetObject("WinNT://" & computer & "/" & username & ",user")
    If Not (oUser Is Nothing) Then
    root = GetObject("WinNT:")
    ==> oUser = root.OpenDSObject("WinNT://" & computer & "/" & username & ",user", username, password, 1)
    Catch e As Exception
    lblOperationResult.Text = "Error"
    lblOperationResult.Visible = True
    CheckNT = False
    End Try
    End If

    probleme araise at the ==>
    I m looking for an alternative to OpenDSObject for local account, not for directory services