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Script to Map Exchange

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  • Script to Map Exchange

    Wondering how to add a script to our domain login that once the user logs in it maps their Exchange user details. As many users are sitting at different desks each time they change a desk I have to manually add their exchange account. We are using Exchange2003 and Outlook 2003. Any help appreciated so all they have to do is click on Outlook and their profile is there. Thx.

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    Re: Script to Map Exchange

    You could do a roaming profile or have them use OWA instead, saving yourself a lot of configuration time. OWA's the easiest way once the users are trained.

    Read these, they may help:
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      Re: Script to Map Exchange

      This should be possible with .PRF files.

      See this link:

      With PRF files you could import settings in MS Outlook. I only didn't have time yet to look into this. Maybe this could help you? If so please let me know or if you need help with testing it etc let me know.