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Mdoifying users

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  • Mdoifying users

    Hi guys, I'm new to scripting and have been challenged with getting some information into AD from our HR system via excell.

    The problem I have is that the HR system does not have the AD user names, only an Employee ID.

    I have added a few Employee IDs into a test AD environment, but have absolutely no idea how to proceed.

    Any help is greatly apreciated


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    Re: Mdoifying users

    thats rough, because you will need a logon name to create the accounts, or you will be calling joe blow user 654785.

    it would be easier to create the user accounts then import the employee IDs to the existing accounts.

    i had to do the same, and basically used an LDIFDE export to a .csv, then added the user IDs to the corresponding names, then re-imported the attributes.

    that doesnt help you much, though, does it?

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      Re: Mdoifying users

      Use a vbscript to Search in AD for userobjects where employeeID <> ""
      - create an array (or VBScript Dictionary Object) employeeID, DN

      Read the data from the excel sheet;
      From each row get the employee ID an go through the dictionary that you had created before (loop within a loop).

      At every match, bind to the userobject using the DN, and do what you was planning to do.


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