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  • redirect up a directory

    When I do Response.Redirect "page.asp", how can I make it go back up one directory?

    For example, you have the root directory where default.asp resides:

    In the root you have a members area:

    Inside the members area you have a landing page:

    If I want that page to redirect back to default in the root, how do I do that?

    If I use default, it assumes the current directory.

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    Re: redirect up a directory

    Have you tried this;
    'Go one folder up and take the new path to <folder>';

    'Go two folders up and take the new path to <folder>';

    and so on

    The examples are for the dos shell, but maybe they work for asp too if you just change the direction of the slashes? (?)

    This is what I found about Paths in ASP.NET;
    Use ~ to refer to relative to root url paths;

    I hope it helps,


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      Re: redirect up a directory

      Rems, that was what i was looking for. Thanks.