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enumerate processes with scheduled task

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  • enumerate processes with scheduled task

    hopefully someone can point me in the right direction basically looking for a vb script that will be attached to some scheduled tasks. The script will run and check for a particular process, show the time it started and its execution path. I have a script that obviously can list current processes, but really i need this to be more advanced in showing me just the one process exe file, and log the results to a txt file on the server.

    We have a print process for a program that seems to run an exe all day, one after the other and eventually uses up the cpu so i just want to monitor the frequency of when it starts and where its coming from.
    Hope this makes some sense. Thought i would post here and i'll start having a dig about also.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    Re: enumerate processes with scheduled task

    Show the script you have now, so we have something to start with.

    btw, how are your scripting skills dutchy?


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