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VBScript - Correlating remote file usage with remote session

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  • VBScript - Correlating remote file usage with remote session

    I have some VBScript which can query the remote sessions on a server to tell me what users are connected from which computers (like net session). It can also tell me which users are using which files (like net file).

    The problem is, I'm not sure how to correlate the two so that I can show which user is using which file from which machine. The sessions give me only user and computer, the files give me only user and path.

    If a user has a session on the server from two or more machines, I can't just make assumptions and look up the user session by user name.

    I am so far using the WinNT ADSI provider to get this information. I'm open to ideas on how I should be doing this, I first thought of WMI (since nearly all roads seem to end here) but couldn't see a way of enumerating this from there so went back to ADSI, I know ADSI can do some things that WMI can't (and vice versa of course).

    If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to them.