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    At the moment I have a fairly simple vbs script that runs through a list of things and prompts to 'do x?' yes/no, then when that's finished, 'do y?' yes/no - then again, when thats finished 'do z?' yes/no

    is there any easy way that I could get a prompt at the start - like tick boxes to say:

    do x? tick/untick
    do y? tick/untick
    do z? tick/untick

    then when you click ok - it will do x, then y, then z without prompting constantly?...

    the aim is to be able to have a combination available:
    x, y, z;
    x, z;
    x, y;
    y, z etc.

    Any ideas or am I venturing into HTA realms or something...?
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    Re: VBS Tickboxes

    Maybe you can use the InternetExplorer.Application Automation Object to create a customized messagebox.



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