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Back to Defult settings?

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  • Back to Defult settings?


    is there a Script to make your Pc and Programmes go back to the Defult Setting as it was when the programme was first installed.



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    Re: Back to Defult settings?

    Cant imagine its possible to right a script to suite any program and any operating system. You might have to be a bit more specific. What Program or Programs?, Operating System etc.

    Some programs do have the ability to be altered through VB like Sage and AutoCad but most dont, but they might have an extension in the executable file to run with specific settings (i.e c:\Program Files\Autocad 2004\Acad.exe /d). You would have to check the help file for a particular program to see.

    Im sure if your using WinXP and you have System Restore turned on you can simply select a restore date. But please bear in mind this restores everything to that date. (Drivers, system configuration, installed programs etc)

    If you have a lot of machines (with WinXP and System Restore Turned on) and you need to automate the restore process then I'd be happy to have a go at writing a script for it. Enjoy the challenge. Its mostly windows commands anyway. But let me know first though, cant be spending most my day on something that is of no value.

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      Re: Back to Defult settings?


      Thanks for your reply

      I have found a programme called Deep Freeze that does the same job

      Thanks for your help

      Andy Sullman


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        Re: Back to Defult settings?


        Just so you know, If your using Windows XP and Server 2003 on your network you can do the very same thing that software package offeres with Remote Legacy Installations (RIS Snap-In for Win2003). You can configure as many images as your server will hold. Very handy tool. I use it for all types of system configurations on my own network.

        Otherwise software package sounds good for Mac, Linux or non server users.

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