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Connect to MSSQL2005 using ASP2 and display query result

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  • Connect to MSSQL2005 using ASP2 and display query result

    Question: I have searched here and on Microsofts site already but it seems that all solutions require already either some ASP2 knowledge or MSSQL knowledge .. I am quite new in both but need to realise this for a project.

    I have installed a MSSQL 2005 server running MSSQL2005 Standard in mixed authentication mode. Services running using a domain account created for this purpose.
    I have then created a simple database called test with a table called testtable

    All I need to achieve now is a simple ASP2 page, which is located on the DC IIS, which connects to the SQL server (in same domain but different server) using WINDOWS authentication and returns the result of


    I try now for a couple of days so I hope someone could help me with this .. I really need a step by step guide what I need to do on the SQL server side (so a specific user can connect to this particular database) and on the IIS side ..

    I know it is always painful to help someone with little knowledge but I am getting desperate.

    Thanks a lot guys