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Map a network drive at boot

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  • Map a network drive at boot

    Originally posted by wolfm1 View Post
    I need your help in mapping a network drive without logging into the computer. The mapped drive should be available at all times even when nobody is logged in to the system. How can i do it?
    Wow, an old thread I'm reviving but I have a similar issue/question.

    An application server (Windows 2003 Std) has a requirement for X: drive to be mapped to a data location on a NAS. (Poor application coding to have the hardcoded need for the X: drive - believe me I know - but that is what I'm left to deal with.)

    So on this app server I need to map X: drive to the NAS location at all times, not only when someone is logged on to the app server. If there were the case, it would be an easy solution.

    I have done it before, I just cannot recall the steps. I have a NET USE script to perform the mapping with service account credentials, I just cannot remember where to make changes to the registry to run the script command once the server starts.

    Anyone have any tips?? Thanks...


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    Re: Mapping a network drive

    Originally posted by xYike View Post
    Wow, an old thread I'm reviving but I have a similar issue/question.
    Welcome to Petri, xYike!
    Did you by any chance read the forum rules and see the bit about thread hijacking? We prefer you to post a new thread, with a link to the original topic, rather than picking up something "similar but not identical" to your problem.

    Reported to mods / admins for splitting

    To answer your question, are you running an active directory domain, in which case use a logon or startup script assigned through group policy.
    If not, you could put the script file in the startup folder for "all users", which should run it automatically without having to do something nasty to the registry.
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      Re: Mapping a network drive

      Wow! Thread hijacking has really been taken to the extreme around here if your assessment is accurate Yes I did read the "if you are new, read this" thread.

      I shouldn't have used the word "similar" in my thread, I thought this to be the same question exactly. I said similar only because I did not want to presume mind-reading abilities of the original posted in the face of so many others seemingly not understanding the original question. I think maybe my using the word similar blinded you from reading my question along with the original question and seeing that they were pretty much identical, except I gave more details?? (details which were asked of the original poster)

      Placing a script in the startup folder for all users does not work because then someone has to log in for the script to be run - something both of us specifically mentioned.

      It doesn't matter if there is an active directory environment in place or not, you can still use Group Policy Editor and Local Group Policy to run a script at startup.
      (Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts > Startup) I'd done it years before but could not remember where the setting was.

      Thanks for the reply and the citizen's arrest I hope you get pats on the back and good cop points for your vigilant work! Gold stars for you.


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        Re: Map a network drive at boot

        Posts split from


        Tom asked it nicely if you have read the forum rules. There are for a reason and because the size of the forum we need to follow them.
        Also he gives you an answer to you're question.
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          Re: Map a network drive at boot

          Thread abandoned due to lack of responce from OP.
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