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Copy files to printer with logging

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  • Copy files to printer with logging

    I'm after something simple to basically do this;

    Copy /b <filename> \\<Servername>\<printername>
    the filename will be in the same folder, however I'd like it to be able to log the results to a file (text);

    Just simple so its filename copied to \\servername\printername - successful/failed

    All the information for "\\servername\printername" is stored in a text file in a list...

    there's hundreds... so I'd need it to pull the list up and run it against lots - hence the wish for logging so I can see which ones have failed easily and run it again...

    it might be nice if it could ping the printername to see if its active and log that too - but that's not as important at the moment...

    Any ideas?
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    Re: Copy files to printer with logging

    or instead of \\server\printername, could have a list of printer names and if it could resolve these to ip addresses that would also work...

    so, list of printernames - ping - use ip address from the ping in the copy....

    hope that makes sense?

    i'm not convinced that it works via IP address... it's been advised by HP the way in my previous post...
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