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Making file for users import to Active Directory

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  • Making file for users import to Active Directory


    I need to find a solution for such an issue.
    Our company needs to update Active Directory users and groups from ERP system which is also used by human resources department. What I have at the moment is sql script which reeds all the information from appropriate ERP system and spools everything to .txt or .csv file. it should be scheduled to run once or twice per that that information is up-to-date daily.

    I would prefer to use CSVDE utility for users import but don't have an idea how to make the first line of that file with appropriate LDAP fields (object, sAMAccountName,memberOf)??? I think that could be .vbs script that insert just a text string "sAMAccountName,memberOf" in excel file (1,1) but when to do that before running sql script or after, cause such output usually just overwrites the file? Probably the first line could be added also with sql script but I don't know how to realize that.

    Probably I need to look to import those users using ldifde or vbscript but I think that in this case CSVDE command could be used best of all.

    I would appreciate any advise.