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    Hi All,

    I need to run an exe file all the time in a win 2k3 server. I have added this exe to the startup file but the problem is that when no one is logged in the system then the scripts does not run. I dont have much idea on vb scripting. Can any one assist me in having this exe run all the time even when no one is logged in.

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    Re: Automatic Scripts

    Where you have added this exe file.
    in user login script, User Logon Script (in GPO) or in Computer Startup script.
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      Re: Automatic Scripts

      Originally posted by entadm View Post
      Where you have added this exe file.
      in user login script, User Logon Script (in GPO) or in Computer Startup script.
      i have it in the normal startup folder so when no one is logged in this file fails to execute.


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        Re: Automatic Scripts

        Keep in mind, there is always a possibility that a certain application just cannot perform before logon, Such applications often needs a userprofile (folder or registry) to store data, or it need to run interactively with the session.

        vbscript cannot do much more with the exe-file than you already can do.
        But you can try if it is possible to run the exe as Systemaccount during computer startup:
        '// path to the executable:
          strCmdL = "%windir%\system32\calc.exe"  '--> the next line adds extra quotes around the path.
          strCmdL = chr(34)&strCmdL&chr(34)&" "
        '// If you use switches then you can add them here:
        '// (if you don't use switches then delete the next line)
          strCmdL  = strCmdL& "/switch1 /switch2 /switch3"   '...ect.
        '// Start application (0 = hidden):
        CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run strCmdL, 0, False
        Save the file as RunAtStartUp.vbs on the server.
        Then use GPEDIT.MSC "Computerconfiguration / Windows Settings / Scripts / STARTUP" [browse] to add the vbscript.

        But if the application cannot run w/out a userprofile then try Windows TaskScheduler
        -> browse to your exe file
        -> Perfom this task: "When my computer starts"
        Runas a local administrator.

        If that does not work, then the last hope: run exe as a service (google).

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