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How to create default user folder?

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  • How to create default user folder?

    I'm looking for some sort of script that would create a folder on my fileserver,
    with a mapping to it in the users pc and ofcourse with limited access to it by the user and me (domain admin).

    Whats the best way for doing that?



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    Re: How to create default user folder?

    If you need a script, then why is this question in the GPO forum? Wouldn't be the Scripting forum more appropriate?

    Anyway, you need to:
    1) create the folder on the server;
    2) make it shareable (you can run the net share [...] command on the server);
    3) set Share permissions. Tricky part, since you cannot set share permissions trough command line. What you can do is leave the Everyone:Full control setting in place (usually, there is not something that IT people like to do) and give the right NTFS permissions or use permcopy.exe command available also from Microsoft, that will copy permissions from a share to another. For this, you will need to create beforehand a folder as template.
    4) set the NTFS permissions (you can use xcacls.exe command, available from Microsoft);

    Of course this are guidelines. There might be an easy solution with VB, but my knowledge in this direction doesn't allow me to give you a better answer.
    Hope all this helped a bit.

    Sorin Solomon

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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      Re: How to create default user folder?

      great! thank you very much.
      I got confused with the forum i geuss.

      Anyhow, I wanted that this process will be compleatly automatic...
      I dont want to set a folder for each user manually, i need a script to do so.

      but i liked your idea as well. if i wont find anything in the next copule of days i'll do so.