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MS Access 2003 problematic task

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  • MS Access 2003 problematic task

    Hi to all...

    I have a problem with Access 2003. My employer gave me a task to create a small database so he can track who and when enters into building and when they go out.
    A have made that... OK...
    Another and problematic task for me was to automatically calculate the period of time how long person was kept in the building.

    For eg.

    Someone entered at 16:30 and left the building at 18:30. I need to automatically calculate that was 2 hours...

    Please me help if you can... time is critical...

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    Re: MS Access 2003 problematic task

    Look at the DateDiff function


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      Re: MS Access 2003 problematic task

      You're more than fast....
      My credits goes to you and this great forum which I'm proud to be part of...
      This is my firs time with access. I have read only half of book over weekend, but there is still some things that are not clear to me ...

      Thank again... a lot...
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