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Active directory Schema extension display specifier

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  • Active directory Schema extension display specifier


    I created a new attribute and linked it the user class. The
    ldapdisplayname and the common name of the new attribute are
    "cost-center" and the description is "Primary cost center".

    I have added the display specifier and here is the script to pop a box
    in ADUC. The script seems to be the problem because the value is always
    is 0 even when I enter a number. I copied the employee number script
    and modified the attribute name.

    The values I eneterd can be viewed via custom LDAP queries. So, The value is being populated, but cannot be displayed via the script above.

    Please help.

    Dim oCostCenter
    Dim oUser1
    Dim temp1
    Set oCostCenter = Wscript.Arguments
    Set oUser1 = GetObject(oCostCenter(0))
    temp1 = InputBox("Primary Cost Center: " & oUser1.cost-center & vbCRLF
    & vbCRLF & "If you would like enter a new number or modify the existing
    number, enter the new number in the textbox below")
    if temp1 <> "" then oUser1.Put "Cost-center",temp1
    Set oUser1 = Nothing
    Set oCostCenter = Nothing
    Set temp1 = Nothing