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  • kiosk

    (I'm posting here because I want to solve this in a script/.bat)

    Windows XP Home Edition w/ Epson scanner...

    I want to set up an "scanner" acount wich launches, instead of regular desktop explorer.exe interface the scanning tool, usually found in Programs, Accessories.

    An if not %%username%%==scanner <command for scanning tool> would work, I suppose, but beside of that I don't know wich is the "command for scanning tool" neither I know the way "scanner" user could log off, after his/her scanning mission were completed. (is any command line to append at the end of the script?)

    Another way, wich I suppose it is more appropriate in perspective of a network logon, is to assign a logon script wich starts by killing explorer.exe process, if exists, before starting the scanning tool. For this, I should know how to kill explorer.exe from command line. About the hypothesiss that the explorer.exe exists between the enter after password and the shell: is it correct? Would be better to write into the script to modify the value of the shell registry and to restore it at log off time? (How can I do that? regedit.exe's options? I know that gpedit.msc could assign global [local] log off script policy, I can't start gpedit.msc on Home Edition).

    (Of course, vbscript or javascript would be more appropriate then a batch script)


    ... and I like to RanyFM, but I hate to find it through virtual tons white-toillet-paper