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Script for Adding User in AD 2003

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  • Script for Adding User in AD 2003

    Hello everyone,

    Im new to this site and i would like to say what a fantastic site you guys have made this with your knowledge. i hope i can learn alot from you clever people on this site..

    i am complete novice in scripting so i would like someone to guide or show me an example script to add users in AD 2003. i have checked various site and in particular "computerperformance".

    But i still feel im missing a piece of jigsaw, can someone please sumbit a working script with a excel file so i can try and edit on my server, with some instructions where to edit to reflect it to my domain...

    i hope im not asking too much at these early stages

    Many thanks


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    Re: Script for Adding User in AD 2003

    Search 1
    Search 2
    Search 3 - search string -
    Script for Adding User in AD 2003
    (golly, that looks like your topic title.) Thanks !

    Ok, the post should be interperated as sarcastic, but the object of the exercise is to emphasise the importance of the SEARCH tools that are available and get you to remember and use them.

    When you find a script that looks suitable for your needs, modify it and try it out on your test (or virtual) network. If it doesn't work, post your script back here (using the CODE tags) and let us know what errors you are getting and the extremely clever script people we have may be able to assist you.
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