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  • FTP Downloading

    Our FTP server data should be downloaded as this data is critical to timely execution of our work, which is of topmost priority to us. They releases data (file1-file5) on the first working day (EST) and downloading this data by the next morning (IST) causes a delay to the regular work. We intend to have this data downloaded & unzipped in the night itself by some automated process, so that it can be processed without any delay.

    Files to be downloaded are as described below. Please note that all the files have extension as “.zip” except for Bulletin File, which is a doc file. Download to the mentioned location and unzip the files to same location. Also do not delete the zipped file.

    Sr. No. FieName.extn Rename To Download To Download Frequency
    1 N/A \VL_Rawdata\YYYYMMDDvl Monthly
    2 N/A Monthly
    3 N/A Monthly
    4 ESTDBASE.ZIP N/A Monthly
    5 N/A Monthly
    6 Bulletin.doc Bulletin_x \VL_Rawdata\20100831vl\Bulletin Weekly

    Important Notes:

    - New directory has to be created at the location \VL_Rawdata with the name as YYYYMMDDvl (case-sensitive).

    Date convention is bit tricky here. Bulletin files come weekly (available on Monday every week by EST). Rest other files (1-5) comes on the first working day (EST). YYYYMMDD is the last calendar (may be a holiday as well) of the last month, where current month can be taken from the time stamp of the file1-file5.

    We may have 4-5 bulletin.doc files depending upon number of Fridays in the last month.

    -Bulletin files should be renamed to Bulletin_x, otherwise new bulletin file will overwrite the previous one.

    Where x can be 1, 2,3,4,5 or timestamps of the particular file, whichever is easy to implement.


    Given the criticality of data, we do not want to miss any data due to technical failure or any other unavoidable reasons. It would be a good practice to send email for an group stating the process status as success/failure. In case of failure, we can download data manually.


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    Re: FTP Downloading

    Very good business logic, but what is the problem you are having?
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