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Batch that opens multiple pinging windows

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  • Batch that opens multiple pinging windows

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    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone help
    If i used this ping command like

    ping hostname or ip1
    ping hostname or ip2
    ping hostname or ip3

    In a batch file all can be ping on a single window,

    but I'd like it to be in separate window, like one for pinging a new window for a hostname or ip1, and then the other window for hostname or ip2, and another pinging window for hostname or ip3

    can you help me to make the simple script?

    thanks in advance!
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    Re: Batch File to Find and ping default gateway automatically?

    before each line.

    start ping host1
    start ping host2
    start ping host3
    If you need the window to stay open after the ping command finishes, then

    start cmd /k ping host1
    Run cmd /? to see what its various arguements do.
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      Re: Batch that opens multiple pinging windows

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        Re: Batch File to Find and ping default gateway automatically?

        THANKS alot..