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COnverting RDM to VMDK

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  • COnverting RDM to VMDK

    I need to move or convert an RDM to a VMDK. I've never attempted this and was wondering if anyone had. I found several articles like this there is a part where it says click remove disk and delete from datastore ( this will not delete the data from the disk for physical compatability mode rdm disk). I know it says it won't but it makes me a little nervous in the wording. IS this the correct way? Just looking for advise before trying this.

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    Re: COnverting RDM to VMDK

    I also just found this one that says it can be converted with the migrate function online http://sparrowangelstechnology.blogs...tual-disk.html


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      Re: COnverting RDM to VMDK

      I can't review the video right now for you but you might try this one:
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        Re: COnverting RDM to VMDK

        That's not really what the OP is after Marcel, well not from my understanding.


        Can you please clarify that you want to make a current RDM into a VMDK file.

        You're 2nd article is one way of doing it. You will however need to make sure that you are licenced for sVmotion or you will need to power down the VM.

        Another is to do a V2V but you need the additional space to do it.